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Dozens of Naples mafia suspects arrested

02 febbraio 2017 | 15.51
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Police in Naples on Thursday detained 31 Naples mafia suspects including two daughters of Francesco Bidognetti, the jailed head of the Camorra's bloodthirsty Casalesi clan.

One of Bidognetti's two daughters was taken to jail while the other was put under house arrest.

Bidognetti's daughter-in-law was also arrested and taken to prison as part of Thursday's operation.

The other 28 suspects held in the operation were all taken to prison.

The suspects face charges of mafia association, receiving stolen goods and extortion.

The dawn operation was carried out in the provinces of Caserta and in southern Lazio on the orders of Naples anti-mafia prosecutors.

It followed an investigation in which wiretapped phone conversations showed how Bidognetti's daughters had taken on a prominent role in the Casalesi clan.

Besides carrying out orders sent by their father in coded messages from jail, the women also had decision-making power, police said.

The brutal workings of the Casalesi clan were laid bare by author Roberto Saviano in his blockbuster 'Gomorrah'.

The book was made into an award-winning film of the same name.

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