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'Egypt seizes marijuana haul in Red Sea'

17 agosto 2016 | 13.09
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The Egyptian navy has impounded three tonnes of marijuana found floating in the Red Sea, military spokesman Mohamed Samir said on his Facebook page, quoted by the Egypt Independent daily on Wednesday.

The haul was recovered after security forces spotted 20 sacks bobbing up and down in the water off the coastal village of Abu Thoma, north of the town of Safa, the paper cited Samir as saying.

“The troops continue to carry out their duty to secure the coasts against smuggling and illegal immigration,” Samir reportedly added.

It is not the first time that naval and security forces have intercepted hauls of marijuana being smuggled within and across Egypt's borders.

In September last year, the navy foiled an attempt to smuggle five tonnes of the drug, which was found in 95 sacks on a boat near the Red Sea resort of Hurghada, the Egypt Independent reported.

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