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Govt seeks stronger ties with key Mediterranean partner Tunisia

26 marzo 2021 | 21.26
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Othman Jerandi (L) and Luigi Di Maio (R)

Italy wants to bolster relations with Tunisia - its "strategic partner" in the Mediterranean region - and help it enact reforms needed boost the North African country's stability and prosperity, the foreign ministry said on Friday.

"Foreign minister Luigi di Maio, today received his Tunisian counterpart Othman Jerandi, at the foreign ministry," said the statement.

"Minister Di Maio confirmed his intention to work to further consolidate political and economic ties with Tunisia, Italy's strategic partner in the region," the statement continued.

Tunisia's stability is key to that of the entire Euro-Mediterranean area,Di Maio told Jerandi, inviting him to attend the G20 foreign ministers meeting in Matera, southern Italy, on June 29th, according to the statement.

Di Maio also assured Jerandi of Italy's full support for a programme of reforms in Tunisia "which, with the support of the international community, will be able to ensure the country's stability and prosperity," said the statement.

Italy's top diplomat reiterated the importance of Tunisia's cooperation in managing migration in the Mediterranean and thanked Jerandi for efforts being made by Tunisian authorities to combat the phenomenon.

Di Maio underlined "positive developments" taking place in the key area of migrant repatriations "on which it is essential that Italy and Tunisia continue to work flexibly and rapidly," the statement said.

During their talks, Di Maio and Jerandi also covered the main regional flashpoints, especially stabilising war-torn Libya and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the statement ended.

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