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Giovedì 13 Maggio 2021
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'Historic' Italy-US ties are 'solid and strong'

20 gennaio 2021 | 23.59
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The US embassy in Rome - FOTOGRAMMA

Italy enjoys "solid and strong" friendship and ties with the United States and the two countries will bolster their "share vision" of security with president Joe Biden's new administration, defence minister Lorenzo Guerini tweeted on Wednesday.

"The historic friendship between Italy and the US is soider and strong," read the tweet.

"We share challenges and opportunities. And we will strengthen our shared vision of security and defence with the new administration. Tomorrow is already here," the tweet added.

Biden was sworn in on Wednesday as the 46th US president after defeating his predecessor, Donald Trump in the 3 November presidential election.

In his inaugural address, Biden outlined the biggest challenges facing his presidency - a devastating pandemic, massive job losses, a threatened environment, urgent calls for racial justice and a resurgence of political extremism.

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