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Home-made bomb defused outside Turin post office

09 giugno 2016 | 14.35
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Bomb disposal experts on Thursday defused a crude explosive device left outside a post office in the centre of the northwestern Italian city of Turin.

The bomb squad carried out a controlled explosion on the device, which was made from a five-litre petrol cannister and a timer set for 6am. The bomb failed to go off because its trigger and electrical wires were probably too damp, Turin daily La Stampa quoted investigators as saying.

Police said they believe anarchists planted the bomb and the post office was targeted because Poste Italiane has a controlling stake in an airline used to deport illegal immigrants, La Stampa reported.

Earlier on Thursday, an identical bomb was left outside a post office in the northwest port city of Genoa but also failed to go off.

An unexploded device was also found on 30 April outside a post office of the Barriera district of Milan.

Graffiti reading "Poste Italiane deports migrants" has been daubed in black paint on several post-office windows in recent months.

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