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Italian, Egyptian magistrates to hold talks on Regeni case

18 giugno 2020 | 00.18
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Photo: AFP

Italian prosecutors probing the brutal 2016 murder of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni will hold talks with their Egyptian counterparts on 1 July, probably via video conference, Adnkronos learned from foreign ministry sources.

The Italian state is determined to see "significant progress" in the long-running investigation into Regeni's slaying in Egypt, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told lawmakers last week.

"The Italian public strongly desires that the truth be disclosed," Di Maio said.

It is believed that 28-year-old Regeni was abducted in late January 2016 and tortured to death days later by the Egyptian secret services for his contacts with trade unions and anti-government organisations.

Egypt's government robustly denies involvement in the killing of Regeni, whose half-naked, battered corpse was found along a highway linking Cairo to the northern port city of Alexandria in early February.

The Regeni case caused a diplomatic rift between Italy and Egypt.

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