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Italian envoy meets Libya's UN-backed foreign minister

11 giugno 2019 | 17.16
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Giuseppe Buccino (L) and Mohamed Taher (R)Photo: Italian embassy in Libya/Twitter

Italy's ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccino and its UN-backed foreign minister Mohamed Siyala agreed Tuesday on the need to rapidly halt the deadly military escalation and bring peace and stability to the chaos-stricken country, the Italian embassy tweeted.

"Ambassador Giuseppe Buccino met foreign minister Mohamed Siyala today," read the tweet.

"They agreed on the urgency of a return to a peaceful and stable Libya," the tweet added.

Buccino and Siyala also welcomed "expanding bilateral cooperation on migration, business, capacity building, education and culture," said the tweet.

The UN says at least 653 have been killed and 3,547 injured in the fighting in Tripoli between militias loyal to the internationally recognised government and eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar's force, which began an assault on the capital on 5 April.

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