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Martedì 21 Settembre 2021
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Italy congratulates Guterres on re-election at helm of UN

18 giugno 2021 | 20.06
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Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Friday tweeted "heartfelt congratulations" to Antonio Guterres after the United Nations General Assembly unanimously re-elected him to another five-year term as secretary-general.

"My heartfelt congratulations to Antonio Guterres for his re-election as UNSG. Italy will always uphold its traditional support to the UN and to multilateralism, to face global challenges together," read the tweet.

Italy's diplomatic mission to the UN in New York also tweeted its "warmest congratulations" to Guterres on his re-election.

Our warmest congratulations to Antonio Guterres on his re-appointment as UN Secretary-General. Italy will continue to support his unwavering commitment to an effective multilateralism that can “serve people and the planet," read the tweet.

Climate change, the Coronavirus pandemic, unresolved conflicts in Syria and Yemen as well as emergencies in Myanmar and Ethiopia’s Tigray region are among the challenges facing Guterres, whose second term will start on 1 January next year.

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