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Mercoledì 03 Marzo 2021
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Italy hails Libyan approval of process to choose unified interim govt.

20 gennaio 2021 | 00.07
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Italy's foreign ministry
Rome, 19 Jan. (AKI)

Italy on Tuesday welcomed the vote by representatives of Libya's political factions and civil society backing a mechanism to appoint a unified interim executive to guide the war-torn country to elections on 24 December.

"One year after the Berlin Conference of 19 January 2020, this is important progress on the consensual political path for the stabilization of the country and national reconciliation," said a foreign ministry statement.

The statement urged representatives taking part in ongoing United Nations facilitated inter-Libyan political dialogue "to continue to engage openly and constructively in the process initiated to complete Libya's political transition".

"We also invite all Libyan parties to support and implement the decisions of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, in the interest of the country and the Libyan people, the statement added.

A total 51 out of 72 LPDF members voted in favour of the mechanism agreed by its advisory panel in Geneva last week - almost 73% of the votes cast and well in excess of the 63% threshold set by the panel - the UN support mission to Libya said on Tuesday.

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