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Italy hosts circular economy, sustainability seminar in Brazil

18 dicembre 2019 | 19.47
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The Italian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro hosted a first seminar on “Circular Economy and Sustainability. Technologies for the Future”, organised by the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

Consul General Paolo Miraglia del Giudice opened the seminar, recalling that Italy will co-chair the COP 26 in 2020 with the United Kingdom. He reaffirmed the Italian Government’s strong interest in the theme of circular economy and sustainability, with a special focus on the urban environment agenda and on the present tangible prospects to enhance the presence and investments of Italian companies in Brazil, said the statement.

The seminar was organised in four discussion panels: energy efficiency/alternative energy sources; the processing industry; agriculture/environmental protection; and public power/sustainability projects, according to the statement.

At the event, it was decided to organise another seminar on Smart Cities, also at the Consulate General and indicatively in April next year, the statement said.

The Smart Cities seminar offers an opportunity to forge partnerships with important Italian companies in this sector, the statement concluded.

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