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Martedì 21 Settembre 2021
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Italy urges diplomacy, security guarantees to stabilise Libya

07 luglio 2021 | 14.31
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Diplomacy and security for key elections to go ahead in December are vital for the permanent stabilisation of war-ravaged Libya, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Wednesday.

"Libya's enduring stability remains the priority," Di Maio told members of the Italian parliament's foreign affairs and defence committees.

"Diplomacy seems essential in this regard," Di Maio said.

Italy has aided Libya's transformation from a country gripped by civil war pitting its rival political factions against each other to a state with a "unified, legitimate" government, Di Maio underlined.

''Today Libya is no longer torn apart by an armed conflict but it is a nation with a unified, legitimate government. Italy has contributed internationally and by strengthening bilateral cooperation," he said.

Libya must yet overcome "many hurdles" along its path to a stable democracy, Di Maio warned.

"Security conditions must be normalised" ahead of key polls slated for 24 December, he stated.

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