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Venerdì 22 Ottobre 2021
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Joint Italy-US strategy eyes renewables, 1.5C global warming cap

22 luglio 2021 | 18.48
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Italy and the US want to forge an "extremely ambitious" action plan to boost renewable energy and cap global warming at 1.5 degrees centigrade over the coming decade, Adnkronos has learned from well-placed sources.

Ecological transition minister Roberto Cingolani and US climate envoy John Kerry agreed their countries want to work together on such a plan during talks on Thursday during talks in Naples at a G20 ministerial meeting, sources in the ecological transition ministry said.

The G20 ministerial meeting is a testing ground for the forthcoming United Nations climate summit (COP) in Glasgow in November, Cingolani and Kerry agreed during their talks, according to the sources.

Besides increasing renewables, Cingolani told Kerry that Italy is keen to help poor countries and to boost its overseas aid funding - a topic that will be on the agency at COP and where there is also "agreement" with the US, the sources said.

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