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Marseille knifeman 'lived in Italian town of Aprilia'

03 ottobre 2017 | 11.16
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Photo: AFP

A Tunisian suspected jihadist who stabbed to death two women in the French city of Marseille at the weekend had an Italian wife and lived for a time in the central Italian town of Aprilia - where the Berlin Christmas market attacker, Anis Amri, also stayed, sources told Adnkronos on Tuesday.

Tunisian authorities on Tuesday named as Ahmed Hanachi, an illegal immigrant in France who stabbed to death two 20-year-old cousins at the central train station in Marseille on Sunday reportedly shouting ""Allahu akbar" (God is greatest).

The attack was claimed by the so-called Islamic State jihadist group, who said the knifeman was was one of its "soldiers".

The attack, during which Hanachi slit the throat slit of one victim and stabbed the other in the stomach, drew condemnation in France and internationally. Police shot dead Hanachi at the scene.

The claim that he had an Italian ex-wife and once lived with her family in Aprilia, Lazio - where Hanachi's 24-year-old compatriot and IS supporter Amri also allegedly spent time - has put the town back at the centre of Italian anti-terror investigations, according to the Adnkronos sources.

After Amri drove a heavy goods vehicle into crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December last year, killing 12 people and injuring 56, Italian police searched several locations in Aprilia, where Amris is alleged stayed with for several months in 2015.

Amri was killed days after the Berlin attack in a shoot-out with police in Italy in the early hours of 23 December at Sesto San Giovanni rail station near Milan, where he had just arrived by train from Chambery, France, via the northwest Italian city of Turin.

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