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Pakistani forced abortion victim 'safe' says Alfano

18 maggio 2018 | 19.18
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The 19-year-old Pakistani girl who was was allegedly lured from Verona to her homeland made by her family to abort the child she was expecting is "safe", Italy's foreign minister Angelino Alfano said on Friday.

"Farah has been traced in Pakistan and is safe," Alfano tweeted.

"The foreign ministry with the embassy in Islamad is following the case at close hand and is working to bring Farah back to Verona," the tweet continued.

Pakistani police traced Farah in Pakistan, Adnkronos understands.

The highschool student, whose surname has not been revealed, was reportedly pregnant by her Italian boyfriend and was lured to Pakistan earlier this year to attend her brother's wedding with her mother and sister.

The girl wanted to have the baby and was forced to terminate her pregnancy against her will, Italian media said, citing WhatsApp messages she allegedly sent to classmates in Verona.

The students passed the WhatsApp messages to teachers at the girl's school, who contacted police and the Consulate, Italian media reported.

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