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Pantos to showcase its latest smart logistics capabilities at the Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo 2019

25 settembre 2019 | 05.16
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SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pantos Logistics, Korea's No. 1 global total logistics company, will be attending the "Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo 2019" taking place at Antwerp, Belgium from 24th to 26th, of September.

Pantos will be presenting a logistics center integrated monitoring system incorporating Digital Twin, Machine Learning and Cloud technologies. With the versatility of the system, real-time data analysis enables not only the prediction and responses to various problems that may occur at the logistics site, but also a variety of simulations under different scenarios, maximizing the operational efficiency of the logistics center by enabling various simulations.

SCL Summit & Expo is one of Europe's largest conferences in supply chain and logistics sector, attended by major global freight customer corporations and 3PL logistics companies, with more than 500 representatives and interested parties from around the world.

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