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Raising the curtain of 'B&R' conference, Chengdu gathers int'l resources for better match-making

15 novembre 2019 | 13.31
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CHENGDU, China, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With blending in "Belt and Road" and sharing development opportunities on the agenda, 2019 Annual Conference for Dialogues and Cooperation of the Belt and Road Chambers of Commerce and Associations (the "Conference") commenced on Thursday (November 14) in Southwest China'sChengdu.

Hosted by China's leading financial media agency National Business Daily (NBD), and with EU-China Joint Innovation Center (EUCJIC), Taihe Institute, and Paitron Services being co-hosts, the Conference welcomes distinguished guests and representatives of business associations and enterprises from 20 countries such as Germany, France and Italy to have in-depth discussions concerning global cooperation.

Through integrating business resources of countries along the Belt and Road (B&R) and giving full play to Chengdu as a vital B&R node, the event is also aimed to establish a platform of friendly exchange for enterprises to "bring in" and "go out".

"We sincerely hope that more information of international cooperation as well as quality projects will be brought to Chengdu," a relevant person-in-charge from Chengdu government extended warm welcome at the event.

Patrick Nijs, former Belgian Ambassador to China, Lifelong Honorary Ambassador and Global Facilitator of Belgium, co-founder of the EUCJIC, later expressed his willingness to brace global cooperation in his speech. "We are really looking forward to cooperating with Chengdu."

To enhance information exchange, the B&R International Organization Alliance - Chengdu Initiative was put forward at the Conference by a number of industrial associations including the EUCJIC, in order to promote the substantial cooperation between chambers of commerce, enterprises, associations, and non-profit organizations of different countries and regions within the framework of the B&R Initiative.

Meanwhile, the List of International Cooperation Opportunities along the B&R Route was unveiled, with 15 projects included in the first batch.

Among the projects include Easy Investing in Chengdu (EIC) and Tianfu Smart Media City. EIC aims to pool together innovative elements and resources such as capital, projects, technologies, talents, data, etc. in order to gather, serve and make a match between investors and promising investment targets.

Moreover, the list of "Top 100 Companies for B&R-based Local Contributions" also made its global debut at the event. The ranking, to be jointly released by NBD and Emlyon Business School, is aimed at objectively evaluating Chinese enterprises' contributions on the platform of the B&Rfrom perspectives of sustainable investment and responsible investment by combining with the scale and return rate of transnational investment.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1030039/National_Business_Daily_Belt_Road_Cambers_Commerce.jpg 

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