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Refined Dining Returns To Billionaire's Beach In Malibu

08 aprile 2014 | 18.00
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MALIBU, California, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Nikita Malibu is pleased to announce its renewed vision with International Brand Strategist Audrey Cavenecia at the helm and invites diners and wine-lovers to visit the exquisite luxury "home" above the waves of Carbon Beach and experience the height of Malibu living.

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Visitors will not only be treated to the strikingly classic, yet modern architecture and breathtaking ocean views, but will also partake in the restaurant's mantra, "Appreciation is an Art."

Under General Manager Tammy Billman's leadership, previously of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, the passionate Italian culinary team creates Mediterranean-inspired plates that are constantly evolving with California's trendsetting foodie scene.

Executive Chef Salvatore Sodano, formally trained by three-star Michelin rated Heinz Beck, and his three Italian sous chefs immerse diners in an epicurean journey that highlights the influences that inspire and create each dish. At Nikita Malibu, guests fully experience the "marriage of food and wine" with the guidance of Wine Director Renée-Nicole Kubin, who was born into the exceptional standards of a Relais & Château property, The Estate by The Elderberries, and furthered her career at Charlie Trotter's and Restaurant Gary Danko. Kubin and the sommeliers closely collaborate with the culinary team to pair the restaurant's sophisticated dishes with over 800 world-class wines.

"Food and wine dance closely together. This is how it has always been in Italy," says Sodano.

"I wish for everyone who enjoys food and wine to have that moment where they have a bite and a sip, and it's transcendent—wine transforms food," adds Kubin.

Nikita Malibu will also be launching Malibu Wine Concierge, an invitation-only wine concierge service, and an exclusive quarterly magazine encapsulating the Malibu lifestyle.

Press are invited today to embark on a culinary voyage experience with Nikita reimagined.

Please visit NikitaMalibu.com for more information and videos (links below).

The Marriage of Food and Wine: http://nikitamalibu.com/about.php#slider-1The Chef: http://nikitamalibu.com/about.php#slider-2The Sommelier: http://nikitamalibu.com/about.php#slider-3

For A Press Reservation, please contact: Audrey Cavenecia, Infidea Studios Audrey@infideastudios.com

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