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Safetel. New Large Business for Smartphone Producers and Distributors

19 febbraio 2014 | 15.11
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MOSCOW, Feb. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cell phone radiation is dangerous for humans, especially kids. It is proved by many scientific articles published all around the world, and experiments confirming its danger (see www.safetel.biz).

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones into Group 2В that also includes some hazardous substances prohibited in many countries.

It is a huge business involving largest international corporations that realize that they are dealing with technologies that are far from being "green".

According to some data, e.g. an open letter published in Canada ("CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN HEALTH CANADA: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE AUDITOR GENERAL"), a number of scientists were one way or another financed by some corporations to write articles on safety of cell phones. After a big scandal, they were excluded from expert councils.

Humanity cannot do without cell phones that offer their users wider opportunities and attract new users. We use phones 6-10 hours a day and more, even kids. Researchers state that a child's body absorbs radiation 5-10 times easier, which places kids under a significantly greater danger.

As long as there are no 100% safe communication devices, we need to minimize radiation from phones located close to or on a human body, with a special attention to young users.

Safetel is a product of Incotex Electronics Group. It's a safe means of mobile GSM communication between phones and operators via a small-size module (40х30х8 mm); the module communicates with the phone via Bluetooth with thousands of times less intensive radiation. When the module is ON, GSM in the phone is OFF.

The module scans the area; if it detects a phone with the ID number stored in its memory it asks the phone to "take" its SIM card. If the user allows this the module creates a virtual SIM card that becomes operational, while physical SIM and GSM module in the phone stop functioning. The moment the phone leaves the module's coverage area its GSM turns ON. All phone's functions are operational all the time.

For kids, a phone can be set up not to operate without a module (coding).

In a usual mode, a module can store up to 10 phone numbers it can work with, with no SIM inside.

Modules can be fixed (mains powered) and mobile when their size depends on a battery size.

Safetel solution is patented in the USA, Russia, South Korea, Great Britain, Turkey, most of the EU states.

Awards:Gold medal with honors at the International Salon in Belgium (Brussels);    Gold medal at the International Archimedes Salon (Moscow), Lepine Competition in France (Nice) and the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Switzerland (Geneva). Diploma from theRomanian National Authority for Scientific Research, 40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

There is no other technical solution in the world apart from Safetel that could protect people from a harmful GSM radiation from mobile devices.

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