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Sereni urges joint responses to shared challenges

26 ottobre 2021 | 23.08
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Common challenges - from public health and climate change to the rule of law and human rights - can only be met with joint responses, Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Tuesday.

"Faced with shared challenges, the solution has to come from shared responses, Sereni told the 10th Italy – Latin America and the Caribbean Conference in Rome.

"And this is not just in the area of public health and climate change but also in respect of legality, the rule of law and upholding human rights," she went on.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for a coordinated, international response to emergencies that transcend national borders, Sereni said.

In our interconnected modern world, multilateralism and international cooperation are the only truly effective way to tackle global challenges, Sereni argued.

"Italy, supports effective multilateralism and an international order based on rules, with the United Nations at its centre," Sereni underlined.

"The UN's leadership is the cornerstone of an effective multilateral system based on shared goals and values," Sereni said.

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