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Work a universal right, not just for those with contacts says Pope

14 dicembre 2015 | 14.01
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Employment is a right for all, not just for people who benefit from nepotism, Pope Francis told a group of young people Monday at the Vatican.

"Work is not a gift most kindly given to a few people with the right connections: it's a right for everyone," Francis stated.

"It is dignity: we urgently need to remember this," he said at an audience with groups involved in an youth employment initiative set up by Italian bishops conference .

"Young people in particular must be able to have faith that their efforts and enthusiasm, the investment of their energy and resources will not be in vain."

Failure to find work can cause depression, substance dependence, radicalisation and even suicide, the pontiff warned, adding that young people were close to his heart.

"I am close to you - you can count on me because you matter to me and I assure you of my prayers," Francis said.

"And please, don't forget to pray for me because I also need prayers, he added.

Youth joblessness is a chronic problem in Italy and stood at 39.8 percent in October, according to preliminary figures from the central statistics agency Istat.

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