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Zennaro freed in Sudan - Di Maio

14 giugno 2021 | 16.59
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Photo: AFP

Sudan's authorities on Monday released businessman Marco Zennaro from detention after he was held in the African country on fraud charges on 1 April, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated

''Italian citizen Marco Zennaro, who has been in detention in Sudan for some two months, has been released," Di Maio wrote on Facebook.

"He will remain in Sudan pending developments in the legal challenges involving him," Di Maio went on.

The foreign ministry will continue to "closely monitor" the situation, Di Maio added. He thanked ministry staff and "especially" Italy's envoy to Sudan Gianluigi Vassallo "for following the case right from the start with utmost commitment".

Forty-six-year-old Zennaro from the northeast Veneto region, spent 75 days in detention on charges of defrauding Sudanese businesses.

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