Italian govt task-force ready for a no-deal Brexit

Italian govt task-force ready for a no-deal Brexit

Photo: AFP

Italy's populist government has set up a task-force as part of its preparations for the UK's possible exit from the European Union on 29 March without a deal, foreign minister Enzo Moaovero Milanesi said on Thursday.

"The task-force's role is "to coordinate all ministries" also concerning relations with the EU, he said told lawmakers from the lower house of parliament's foreign and European affairs committees.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, citizens' rights and financial and trade issues with be priority areas "for and for member states," Moavero said.

The EU is preparing norms "which will be immediately and directly applicable" if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, and these will not need ratification by national parliaments, Moavero noted.

Britain’s parliament on Wednesday rejected the prospect of withdrawing from the EU without a deal. Although the motion carries considerable political force, it may not prevent a no-deal Brexit as March 29 remains the day enshrined in law that Britain will leave the EU.