Re-think global trade rules says Italy

Re-think global trade rules says Italy

Photo: AFP

Italy wants a "re-think" of current world trade rules during its Group of Twenty (G20) presidency next year and global health will be at the top of its agenda, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Thursday.

"In December, Italy will take over the G20 presidency for 2021," Di Maio told the annual EY Capri Digital Summit taking place on Thursday and Friday.

"It will be a true test of multilateralism but also an opportunity to re-think the rules of international trade and to re-start the global economy based on values that we hope will be as widely shared as possible," Di Maio said.

"Promoting health as a global public good is our top priority," Di Maio underlined.

The focus of this year's summit is on new strategies to tackle Italy's recession and accelerate the COVID-19-ravaged country's economic recovery.

The event's main themes are infrastructure, the digital world and changes in the consumption and production of goods and services.