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Martedì 27 Settembre 2022
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Bilateral ties, Ukraine, Yemen at centre of Di Maio, bin Farhan talks

27 giugno 2022 | 19.52
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Russia's three-month-old invasion of Ukraine, Yemen's civil war, Iran, crisis-hit Lebanon and Somalia, as well as bilateral ties were on the agenda at talks in Jeddah Monday between Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan.

"#Saudi Arabia. Meeting between Minister @luigidimaio with his Saudi counterpart @FaisalbinFarhan," read a foreign ministry tweet.

"In-depth discussions on political, economic, cultural, scientific and university cooperation," the tweet went on.

"The main international and regional issues, #Ukraine, #Yemen, #Iran, #Lebanon, #Somalia," the tweet added.

Di Maio opened an investment forum centred on Italy-Saudi cooperation in the infrastructure, renewable energy, tourism and cultural spheres, said an earlier foreign ministry tweet.

The forum also focussed on public-private sector cooperation and saw the signing of an accord between Italy's largest private employers association Confindustria and the Saudi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the foreign ministry tweeted.

During his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia through Monday, Di Maio was also set to co-chair the 12th Italian-Saudi joint commission with Saudi finance minister Mohammed Aljadaan, according to the foreign ministry.

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