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CTG (Crestwood Technology Group) expands presence into European market

08 ottobre 2019 | 15.00
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YONKERS, New York, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CTG (Crestwood Technology Group) announced today an expansion into Europe, opening a new office in Berlin, Germany to support and serve the rising demand for critical parts and material for the commercial aviation and defense industries.

Newly hired Carina Maerkel , VP Business Development and Sales, based out of the Berlin office, will lead CTG's Europe growth strategy. Carina Maerkel, formerly of ILS/Boeing Global Services, brings over 10 years' experience in the aviation and defense industries helping companies with parts supply and demand research, pricing, availability and market intelligence.

About CTG

CTG (Crestwood Technology Group, Corp) provides supply chain solutions designed to keep fleets and systems operational, ready and safe. We are a leading supplier of parts, material and obsolescence management solutions to many of the world's largest airlines, MRO's and aircraft manufacturers, as well as the Department of Defense and its contractors.

CTG maintains one of the largest on-site inventories of parts for fixed-wing, rotorcraft, power plant and ground-support equipment. We specialize in expendables, rotables, and consumables sourcing, kitting and tooling, inventory management and AOG services.

Companies like Sikorsky, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have recognized CTG's commitment to quality and customer service as award-winning. CTG is the first and only distributor in the industry to earn AC7402 CAAP (Counterfeit Avoidance Accreditation Program) certification recognized by both customers and industry in setting the highest Aerospace quality management and inspections standards for suppliers and distributors.

To find out more, please visit www.CTGNOW.com

Read about CAAP.

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