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Degica's KOMOJU platform goes global with major release of European and Asian payment solutions

08 marzo 2022 | 15.01
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New release equips e-commerce merchants with a broad range of alternative payment solutions, helping them expand their reach to clients in Europe and Asia

TOKYO, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Degica has launched a suite of 20 new payment solutions on its flagship KOMOJU payments platform, enabling its merchant client base to tap into Europe and Asia's large e-commerce markets.

"We are delighted to announce what is a major expansion of our product range," says Keanu Van Hees, Director of Product, Degica. "With this release, we are enabling merchants outside of Europe to tap into the continent's customer base by offering a comprehensive range of payment options that provide trust and convenience to consumers, while businesses around the world, including ones in Europe, can now ensure customers in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines are similarly able to use local and familiar payment options to buy their goods and services."

New solutions added to KOMOJU include China's Alipay, which accounts for over 55% of mainland China's digital wallet market share, WeChat Pay, which accounts for 38%, and UnionPay, the largest card network in the world, with more than 7 billion cards issued in China alone.

In Europe, solutions added include iDEAL, the Netherlands' leading payment option, which holds around a 60% share of the Dutch e-commerce payments market. Elsewhere, the platform also adds prominent solutions such as Germany's Giropay, which is used by around 54% of the country's adult population, the BLIK bank transfer solution, which accounts for 53% of all payments in Poland, and Paysafecard's prepaid voucher / code-based solution, which is issued by 660,000 points of sale across 50 European countries.

"Our mission is to create an even playing field for international business, and that starts with simplifying cross-border e-commerce for merchants worldwide," says Jack Momose, CEO, Degica. "Our first step, back in 2014, was to help the Steam platform enter the Japanese market by offering the country's most trusted payment method. Since then, we have worked hard to open up the same service to all merchants selling to customers in Japan and South Korea. Today, however, marks the biggest expansion yet, plugging in a comprehensive range of European and Asian payment methods to our KOMOJU platform and establishing our credentials as a global player."

The full list of products added to the KOMOJU platform is as follows:



About Degica Degica's mission is to create a fair, global marketplace for goods and services – breaking down barriers between different markets and making it easier to do business anywhere in the world. With its origins in the video game publishing industry, Degica found that it needed to build its own in-house payments solution in order to sell games via major platforms to customers in its home market of Japan. The solution worked so well that the team decided that its future lay in breaking down similar barriers for other companies.  Today, the Degica offers a series of solutions – ranging from payments to AI translation and logistics support – to enable businesses outside Japan to gain straightforward access to the country's large and valuable market, and businesses in Japan and the rest of Asia to tap into Western markets in Europe and the US. 

For further information, please visit www.degica.com

About KOMOJU Established in 2016 by Degica, KOMOJU (an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase "購入モジュール", meaning "purchasing module") was started with a single aim – to make Japan simple. To this end, KOMOJU provides clients with a global payments platform, active across four regions, with over 50 international partners and more than 4,500 active merchants. Connected to platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Woo Commerce and Magento, it offers merchants access to all major payment methods in Japan, Korea and China and incorporates FX functionalities to enable merchants to receive funds in their desired currency, while processing currencies native to local markets. 

Today, following huge initial success for the platform, the initial goal of making Japan simple has expanded. The next step for KOMOJU and Degica is to continue breaking down barriers to doing business not only into and out of Japan, but anywhere in the world – creating a fair and global marketplace for goods and services. 

For more information, please visit https://en.komoju.com.

Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1630867/KOMOJU_by_Degica_Logo.jpg

Contact: Finn Partners, +49 176376 15457, degica-dach@finnpartners.com

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