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Sabato 31 Luglio 2021
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Di Maio lauds Eurovision winners Maneskin

24 maggio 2021 | 22.41
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday heaped further praise on Italian rock band and Eurovision song contest winner Maneskin after its lead singer passed a test showing he did not take drugs at the weekend event.

"In the end, all that needs doing is to replace the broken glass... what is intact is Maneskin's big success at Eurovision and the emotions they inspired in us," Di Maio tweeted.

"Compliments to Maneskin for triumphing with their energy and their beat and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021," read an earlier Di Maio tweet after the band's victory on Saturday in Rotterdam.

Eurovision's organisers tested Maneskin lead singer Damiano David after some viewers thought footage showed him snorting cocaine as he waited for the winner to be announced.

David said he was against drugs had just been clearing up a broken glass under a table.

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