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Draghi-Zelenskytalks underline Italy's support for Ukraine

28 marzo 2022 | 22.23
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Premier Mario Dragh has reaffirmed to Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky Italy's "strong support" for his war-wracked country and "full readiness" to help international efforts towards a "lasting solution" to the conflict with Russia.

In phone talks with Zelensky, Draghi "underlined the government of Italy's strong support for Ukraine's authorities and its people," Draghi's office said in a statement on Monday.

Draghi also reaffirmed Italy's "full readiness to contribute to international actions aimed at ending the war and forging a lasting solution to the crisis," the statement said.

"At the centre of the talks were the latest development in the conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold," the statement noted.

Zelensky deplored Russia's obstruction of humanitarian corridors as it continues to lay siege to and bomb Ukrainian cities and schools with resulting civilians deaths, among them children, the statement noted.

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