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Explore the Flavours of Scotland With the Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series

01 luglio 2019 | 10.30
LETTURA: 4 minuti

Four new whiskies inspired by the four corners of Scotland

EDINBURGH, Scotland, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "I've always been fascinated by the distinct favour profiles that distilleries from each of the four corners of Scotland offer, and what they individually add to our whiskies. The Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series gives us the opportunity to take people on a guided tour of the whisky producing regions, with each edition delving deeper into the four signature notes of Johnnie Walker Black Label – sweet vanilla, orchard fruit, rich fruit and smoke."  -  George Harper, Johnnie Walker whisky specialist

Throughout their near 200 years of history, Johnnie Walker have prided themselves on discovering and celebrating the finest malts from all over Scotland. Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series is born out of that sense of exploration, and a thirst to discover the best flavours that Scotland has to offer.

This new collection of four, 12-year-old blended Scotch whiskies include incredible single malts from some of the world's most famous distilleries, and celebrates each of the distinct flavour profiles of the four corners of Scotland.  

Each Scotch in the collection is crafted only using whiskies from a particular region to capture the primary flavour characteristics of that area, giving whisky fans the opportunity to discover and explore the wide array of flavours Scotland offers: the fruity flavours of Speyside, the rich characteristics of the Highlands, the sweet notes of the Lowland region and the smoky finish of Islay whiskies.

Three of these limited editions are blended exclusively from some of our finest single malts, and a further edition expertly brings together quality single malt and grain whiskies to best represent the that region's flavour profile.

The whiskies in the series are:

In order to help consumers navigate this complex category, the series packaging doubles as a accompanying guide to the whisky, and the region it comes from. Every limited-edition pack is adorned with a map of Scotland. The region that the whisky within originates from (Speyside, Highlands, Islay, or Lowlands) is highlighted, along with interesting facts and trivia relating to that part of the country.

John Williams, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director said: "The Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series has been crafted to help people to discover and explore the distinct flavours profiles of the four corners of Scotland. At Johnnie Walker, we have access to an unparalleled range of fantastic single malts and this collection will be of particular interest to anybody who wants a greater understanding of how our small team of expert whisky-makers craft and balance those distinct flavour profiles to make Johnnie Walker Black Label."

The Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series is available globally from July in selected Travel Retail stores with an RRP of £35 / $46 USD / €40 EUR / $63 AUD / JPY 5000 for a 1L bottle.

Enjoy Speyside Origin as part of a Lowball

The light, fresh fruity notes of Johnnie Walker Speyside Origins are perfectly complimented with light and vibrant elderflower cordial and brought to life with a splash of soda.

Enjoy Highlands Origin as part of a Raisin Rob Roy

A rich and indulgent play on the classic Rob Roy, with Pedro Ximenez perfectly complimenting the nutty, dried fruit profile of Johnnie Walker Highlands Origin.

Enjoy Islay Origin as part of a Smoke & Spice

The wonderful smoky and citrus notes of Johnnie Walker Islay Origins are tamed and complicated by spicy ginger and fresh orange in this complex and refreshing Highball.

Enjoy Lowlands Origin as part of a Heather Honey Old Fashioned

Floral heather honey harmoniously combines with the vanilla and caramel flavours of Johnnie Walker Lowlands Origins in this silky-smooth Old Fashioned twist.

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The Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series

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