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ExportToChina.com and Daugherty Business Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

03 febbraio 2014 | 10.03
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-- ExportToChina.com provides global companies easy access to buyers in China

HONG KONG, Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nick Muessig, President of ExportToChina.com, announced today the strategic partnership with USA IT and business consulting firm Daugherty Business Solutions. The new partnership brings cutting-edge technology to ExportToChina.com – the world's largest B2B platform facilitating exports to China – while expanding Daugherty Business Solutions' growing presence in the IT service industry to new customers in Asia.

Muessig explained, "This new alliance brings our customers the highest quality technology to expand their business to China. Companies worldwide can now more easily take advantage of the unlimited opportunities presented by the world's fastest growing market. Our ExportToChina.com B2B portal allows suppliers to connect with reliable, pre-screened China buyers through an effective tool and the support of our China marketing specialists."

Ron Daugherty, Daugherty Business Solutions' President said, "Our strategic partnership with ExportToChina.com allows us to capitalize on our 30 years of experience in the IT industry and provide new opportunities for our employees and customers. This new alliance is an important step forward in Daugherty Business Solutions' history."

With a fast-growing community of reliable China buyers and global suppliers, a cutting-edge trade platform, and professional customer service in multiple languages, ExportToChina.com offers an exceptional tool for companies looking to expand their business and start selling to China.

Interested companies can register at https://www.export-to-china.com.

About ExportToChina.com

ExportToChina.com is an online B2B marketplace for global suppliers selling to the China market. Businesses in a wide range of industries can easily connect with distributors, wholesalers and agents in China by promoting their products on the company's exclusive platforms: ExportToChina.com (https://www.export-to-china.com) & Huijinkou.com (http://www.huijinkou.com). With headquarters in Hong Kong and representatives in China, USA, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Russia, ExportToChina.com provides the most effective channel for businesses looking to expand in China.

About Daugherty Business Solutions

Daugherty Business Solutions is a privately held IT and business consulting firm founded in the USA in 1985. The company has more than 800 employees at offices in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, and Hong Kong and has delivered mission critical solutions for some of the world's largest companies. http://www.daugherty.com/

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