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Family 'vital nutrient' of societies says Italy's Senate speaker

15 maggio 2018 | 15.35
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(Photo: Adnkronos/Cristiano Camera)

The family is 'the vital nutrient' in our societies, the speaker of Italy's Senate upper house of parliament, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, said on Tuesday - the International Day of Families.

"The family is the vital nutrient of society which teaches us from infancy the ties of solidarity and love," Alberti Casellati said in a statement.

Alberti Casellati, a member of the conservative Forza Italia party, said she hoped Italy's institutions "at all levels" would implement concrete measures to help families.

"International Day of Families is more than just a celebration. It is about believing in families as a driving force for building the common good," she said.

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