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Fincantieri CEO, top Leonardo official slated to address NATO-EU meeting

06 dicembre 2017 | 13.30
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Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri's chief executive officer Giuseppe Bono, and Giovanni Soccodato, head of strategy, mergers and acquisitions for Italy's defence and aerospace giant Leonardo were due to address a conference in Rome Wednesday on future cooperation between NATO and the European Union.

Other speakers at the event include Italian defence minister Roberta Pinotti, Italy's chief of defence staff Claudio Graziano, the director-general of Italy's foreign ministry, Elisabetta Belloni, the head of the Italian lower house of parliament's foreign affairs committee, Fabrizio Cicchitto, the Italian Senate's defence committee head Nicola Latorre, the lower house of parliament's defence committee chief Saverio Garofani, and Italy's representative to the EU's political and security committee (PSC), Luca Franchetti Pardo.

Bono and Soccodato were among speakers slated to address a session of the conference on technological and industrial advances, according to the programme.

NATO Parliamentary Assembly president Paolo Alli and IAI president Ferdinando Nelli Feroci were to open the conference, while Pinotti was slated to make its closing remarks.

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