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Martedì 19 Gennaio 2021
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Govt congratulates Martina on new job as FAO No. 2

12 gennaio 2021 | 17.17
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Maurizio Martina - FOTOGRAMMA
Rome, 12 Jan. (AKI)

Italy's regional affairs minister Vincenzo Amendola on Tuesday welcomed the appointment of former agriculture minister Maurizio Martina as the Rome-based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's second-in-command.

"Very happy about Maurizio Martina's new job as deputy director-general at FAO. He'll certainly put his experience to good use and will be a reference point for Italy," Amendola tweeted.

In a Facebook post, Martina said he would be taking up his new job "in the next few days" and would step down as a member of Italy's lower house of parliament for the centre-left Democratic Party.

The post thanked FAO director-general Qu Dongyu "for his trust".

"I will continue to represent our country but in a different way," Martina's post added.

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