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Hariri to meet al-Sisi in Cairo before return to Lebanon

21 novembre 2017 | 13.32
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Lebanon's premier Saad Hariri was on Tuesday due to hold a meeting in Egypt's capital Cairo on Tuesday with the country's president Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, ahead of his return home after resigning over two weeks ago, the Egyptian presidency has announced.

Hariri's office in Beirut confirmed his meeting with Sisi, which Hariri announced in a tweet on Sunday.

Sisi and Hariri will discuss the latest developments in Lebanon and the region after Hariri's shock resignation announced in a broadcast speech from Saudi Arabia on 4 November stoked international fears that Lebanon is caught in a proxy feud between Saudi Arabia and its regional rival Iran.

In his resignation speech, Hariri, a Sunni Muslim with Saudi ties accused Iran of meddling in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region and accused it and its allies of plotting to have him assassinated.

Lebanon's president Michel Aoun has not accepted Hariri's resignation and is awaiting his return.

Hariri, 47, has said he will attend an Independence Day ceremony in Beirut on Wednesday.

He has spent the past few days in Paris, where he held talks with the country's president, Emmanuel Macron.

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