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Chloris Geospatial and Trove Research announce partnership to bring unprecedented transparency to forest carbon projects at a global scale

14 settembre 2023 | 12.01
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BOSTON, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Chloris Geospatial Inc., a space technology company using Earth Observation data and machine-learning to produce natural capital data and insights, and Trove Research Ltd., the leading source of data and intelligence on corporate climate commitments and the voluntary carbon market, are announcing their partnership to bring more transparency to carbon markets and the assessment of the climate integrity of forest carbon projects.

Trove will leverage Chloris' cutting-edge and market-leading technology for wall-to-wall, direct measurement of above-ground biomass dynamics to power its market-wide integrity assessment solution for over 550 REDD+, ARR and IFM projects in the voluntary carbon market. The partnership will result in the most comprehensive coverage of the emissions impact integrity of all forest carbon projects in the VCM, anchored in market-leading science for measurement of forest carbon dynamics over time from space.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Chloris, the leading provider of biomass dynamics," said Trove's Head of Carbon Project Integrity Tristan Loffler. "Chloris' global data aligns with our approach to assessing integrity in a comprehensive and consistent way across the whole of the voluntary carbon market. In combination with our extensive in-house datasets and deep market knowledge, this partnership further strengthens the depth and quality of our project-level integrity assessment."

"We are delighted that Trove has chosen our platform and data product for their assessment," said Chloris Co-Founder and CEO Marco Albani. "Our mission is not just to create high quality natural capital insights with earth observation, but to deliver them where they can drive investments to effective climate action."

About Chloris Geospatial: Chloris Geospatial is a technology company providing science-based forest carbon insights built with Earth Observation data, machine-learning and AI. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to net-zero and nature-positive societies with the most reliable, trustworthy and transparent natural capital data. The Chloris Platform supports carbon market participants with cutting edge monitoring data for nature based projects, covering both removals and avoided emissions. From deforestation to forest degradation, growth, and regrowth of trees: Chloris sees what the atmosphere sees, for every pixel on the planet and since the year 2000.


About Trove ResearchTrove Research is the leading source of data and intelligence on corporate climate commitments and the voluntary carbon market, serving hundreds of investors, corporates, traders and project developers.  We are a specialist data, analysis and advisory firm focused on corporate climate action, carbon markets and the energy transition. Our Carbon Credit Integrity Assessments provide transparent data on the integrity of over 4,000 carbon projects across a wide range of risk types – including sustainable development impacts, legal / ethical risks, as well as additionality, quantification and permanence.


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