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Italian envoy to Saudi Arabia had 'cordial' talks with Hariri

10 novembre 2017 | 18.33
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Photo: AFP

Italy's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Luca Ferrari said on Friday he had a "cordial" discussion in Riyadh with Lebanese premier Saad Hariri, who last weekend announced his resignation during a visit to the Kingdom.

Ferrari told Adnkronos he had met Hariri at his residence and they had "a long and very cordial discussion".

Hariri also had a meeting with Russia's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Serguei Kozlov, he said.

Hariri said in a TV broadcast from Riyadh on Saturday he was stepping down because of an unspecified threat to his life. He also attacked Lebanon's powerful Hezbollah Shia movement and its ally Iran.

Lebanese president Michel Aoun and other senior politicians have demanded Hariri return amid suspicions that he is being held by the Saudis under house arrest and forced to do their bidding.

Hariri's Future Movement is seen as opposed to Hezbollah politically, even though they are both members of the government.

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