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Domenica 26 Settembre 2021
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Italy deplores deadly violence in East Jerusalem, Gaza

11 maggio 2021 | 19.27
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Photo: AFP

Italy's government on Tuesday condemned the violence this week in East Jerusalem and in Gaza that has killed at least 28 Palestinians and two Israelis according to health officials.

"Italy repeat its concern at the escalation of attacks and violence, especially in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip and asks that this ceases immediately."

"Italy strongly condemns the launching of rockets from Gaza towards Israeli territory and believes that these cannot be justified in any circumstances," the statement added.

The statement urged "all sides" to take immediate steps to de-escalate the deepening conflict "and to show responsibility".

"Preventing further civilian casualties is a priority," the statement underlined.

"All violence, provocation and incitement to hatred must cease and the status quo concerning Holy Sights must be respected," the statement ended.

Rocket barrages fired by Hamas militants in Gaza hit Israeli towns for a second day on Tuesday prompting Israel to intensify its air strikes on the Palestinian enclave.

The most serious outbreak of fighting since 2019 between Israel and armed factions in Islamist Hamas-run Gaza followed clashes on Monday between Palestinians and Israeli police at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem - a holy site for Israelis and Palestinians.

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