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Italy 'disappointed' by talks between Rome, Cairo prosecutors on Regeni case

01 luglio 2020 | 23.05
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There is "great disappointment" following long-awaited talks Wednesday between Italian and Egyptian prosecutors probing PhD student Giulio Regeni's unsolved 2016 abduction and murder, foreign ministry sources told Adnkronos.

"We need to see a change of pace and above all respect is required for Regeni's family," said the sources after the two-hour video-conference.

Italy's foreign ministry "will draw its conclusions", the sources added.

Rome prosecutors said Wednesday that Egypt's chief prosecutor was mulling a response to their requests to question five intelligence service officers over the case of Regeni, whose severely tortured body was found along a highway outside Cairo in early February 2016, nine days after he vanished in the city.

Cairo prosecutors claimed in a Facebook post Wednesday that Rome counterparts would see for themselves their "desire for transparency and wish to uncover the truth in the next phase". The post also thanked Rome prosecutors for their "faith" in the ongoing investigation.

At the time of his disappearance, Regeni was researching independent trade unions in Egypt - a politically sensitive subject. There are widespread suspicions that Egypt's security services were behind his killing.

The Egyptian government continues to deny any involvement in the savage murder - over which no arrests have ever been made - despite its repeated pledge to bring Regeni's killers to justice.

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