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Italy lauds role of women on UN peacekeeping day

29 maggio 2020 | 16.16
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An Italian soldier serving with the UNIFIL peacekeeping mission in Lebanon - FOTOGRAMMA

Italy on Friday reaffirmed its commitment to international peacekeeping and paid tribute to the contribution made by peacekeepers serving in the United Nations missions around the world - especially that of women.

"Our country, one of the main contributors to the UN peacekeeping budget and the first contributor of Blue Helmets among Western countries, is strongly convinced of the validity of peace missions and firmly believes in the added value of women personnel," said the statement.

"Women's Blue Helmets have shown an exceptional ability to mitigate tensions in conflict areas, to promote human rights, to protect the civilian population by creating relationships of trust with the weaker categories, often the main victims of violence in conflicts."

This year the International Day of Peacekeepers is dedicated to the role of women in peacekeeping operations, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 "Women Peace and Security" that aims to strengthen the role of women in peace processes.

Italy also has a long-standing tradition in promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, dedicating significant efforts and resources to promote women's participation in peace processes and international mediation, the foreign ministry statement said.

Established in 2003, The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers pays homage to male and female personnel who serve in the UN's peace missions around the world.

More than 3,900 peacekeepers have lost their lives serving under the UN flag since 1948.

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