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Italy ready to aid peace in Ukraine, Draghi tells Putin

30 marzo 2022 | 21.05
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Italy is willing to help achieve a ceasefire in the war in Ukraine "as soon as possible" and to aid the peace process, provided Russia shows "clear signs of de-escalation", premier Mario Draghi has told Vladimir Putin.

During phone talks with the Russian president, Draghi underlined to Putin "the importance of establishing a truce as soon as possible," Draghi's office said on Wednesday in a statement.

A ceasefire is needed to protect Ukraine's civilian population and to "support (peace) negotiating efforts," Draghi told Putin during the talks.

Draghi and Putin's conversation centred on "the latest developments in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine" (talking place in Istanbul), according to the statement.

Draghi "reaffirmed the Italian government's willingness to contribute to the peace process, provided Russia shows clear signs of de-escalation", the statement went on.

Putin explained to Draghi Russia's demand that European buyers start paying for Russian gas imports in roubles, the statement said.

The two leaders "agreed it would be opportune to keep in contact," the statement ended.

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