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Italy still in terrorists' cross-hairs says police chief

21 dicembre 2018 | 18.15
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Italy continues to be target for extremists and must live with the possibility of a future terrorist attack, the country's chief of police Franco Gabrielli said on Friday.

"It should be understood that we are living in a dangerous world - the (terrorist) threat is immanent not imminent, I stress," Gabrielli said during a visit to the Sicilian city of Palermo.

So far there have been no (Islamic terrorism) attacks carried out on Italian soil, Gabrielli said.

"This is comforting yet at the same time it is worrying...zero risk does not exist," he said.

But Gabrielli urged Italians not to let fear of terrorism affect their daily lives, saying security forces were there to guard against possible attacks.

"If we allow fear to prevail and to condition our daily lives, we have lost this fight," he said.

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