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Italy voices solidarity with France on Bataclan terror attack anniversary

13 novembre 2020 | 22.18
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On the fifth anniversary of the Islamic State jihadist group's deadly attack on the Bataclan theatre and other Paris venues, Italy's government tweeted solidarity with France and its opposition to terrorism.

"#Bataclan. We remember with deep sadness the attacks that on 13 November 2015 targeted Paris and in which 130 innocent people lost their lives," read the tweet from the foreign ministry.

"These people included the young Italian woman Valeria Solesin - a citizen of Europe," read the tweet.

"Italy stands beside France in the defence of freedom and in the fight against terrorism," the tweet added.

A French schoolteacher was beheaded last month near Paris and three people were brutally slain in Nice's cathedral days later by IS-inspired jihadists. President Emanuel Macron has vowed to defend France from Islamic fundamentalism and to uphold the country's secular values.

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