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Italy's Leonardo in Gulf cyber-security partnership

13 novembre 2017 | 13.46
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Italian defence and aerospace giant Leonardo is teaming up with security and IT firm MVP Tech to offer "integrated cyber security solutions" in the United Arab Emirates, the two companies announced at the Dubai Air Show on Monday.

Leonardo and MVP will provide government organisations and companies personalised IT security services including intelligence, risk management, analysis, planning , development and system certification, they said.

Leonardo (formerly Leonardo-Finmeccanica) is looking to expand its business in the UAE and hopes to be selected to help run security at the Expo 2020 trade fair in Dubai.

One of the world's top ten companies in the aerospace, defence and security sectors, Leonardo successfully managed security at the Expo 2015 trade fair in Milan.

MVP Tech specialises in integrating the security and IT systems of US, European, Australian clients as well those from other countries. Its approach is based on long-term partnerships and the development of complex projects from initial design through to support services.

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