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Mammotion Launches LUBA, the Next-Generation of Robotic Lawn Mower Technology to Redefine the Future of Lawn Maintenance

17 maggio 2022 | 15.00
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SHENZHEN, China, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mammotion, a provider of innovative electric robotics tools, today announced the launch of LUBA, the company's first perimeter wire free robot lawn mower. Designed specifically for residential use, LUBA is poised to revolutionize the future of lawn care maintenance by replacing traditional gas-powered push and ride-on mowers, as well as existing robot mowers requiring perimeter cables, through smart robotic technology.

With Mammotion's commitment to shaping a more intelligent, efficient, eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing solutions in innovative robots, LUBA includes the following key features:

According to industry reports, the global robotic lawn mower market is expected to reach a value of $3.5 billion by 2026 and register a CAGR of about 12% - the residential segment will account for a substantial portion of this growth. The demand for yard and lawn care services is on the rise in North America and EMEA, opening the door for Mammotion to capitalize on the market opportunity, with both individual homeowners, as well as landscaping service providers.

"The residential lawn care market has remained relatively unchanged for years and is in desperate need of innovation," said Jidong Wei, founder of Mammotion. "This is an industry ripe for disruption and with the acceleration in robotic technology capabilities, Mammotion is ready to lead the charge in powering the next generation of smart robot mowers. We are very pleased to introduce a product like LUBA - one that is technologically advanced and precise, yet simple and easy to use - to take the 'work' out of yardwork."

LUBA will be available as of May 19th, 2022 through a Kickstarter campaign for a Super Early Bird price of $1,199, a 52% savings off the MSRP of $2,499. Following the Kickstarter, customers can purchase LUBA directly from Mammotion or via Amazon, which will be available later this year. 

For more information on LUBA, please visit: https://mammotion.com/products/luba.

About Mammotion

Founded in January 2022, Mammotion is committed to leading a smarter and more efficient eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing innovative electric robotics solutions. The team's core members come from world's leading robotic and UAV companies, inheriting AgileX Robotics' seven years of experience with advanced robotics chassis-based hardware and algorithm technology, Mammotion offers next-generation robotic solutions for professionals and consumers.

About AgileX Robotics

Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading mobile robot chassis and one-stop robotics solution provider. With cutting-edge self-driving software and hardware stack, AgileX Robotics helps the development of 1500+ robotics programs in 26 countries for innovative robotics research and all industry applications.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1816748/Mammotion_Launches_LUBA_perimeter_wire_free_robot_lawn_mower.jpg 

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