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Maxonrow Organizes Hackathon to Reimagine Blockchain for Healthcare Solutions

22 luglio 2020 | 15.02
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TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxonrow announces its first-ever MAXathon, an online hackathon from September 5 to October 3, 2020, where blockchain experts, developers, and other tech enthusiasts will reimagine blockchain for healthcare applications in response to the global challenges propagated by pandemics.

Challenge Categories

MAXathon's challenges are based on Maxonrow SDK, which the company used to build MedsLOCK, a control and communication ecosystem that provides real-time insights during pandemics created in tandem with Avantas Tech Accelerator.

"Privacy is a key issue during the current and future pandemics, and as such, blockchain platforms ensure that information is shared without compromising privacy. With MedsLOCK, we make sure we add trust to the data flow," said Muhammad Salman Anjum, Avantas' Managing Director.


MAXathon participants will have a chance to win from a €15,000 prize pool by building solutions for five challenges. The challenges include solutions for contact tracing, issuing health and vaccine certifications, welfare, social networking, and data analytics.

How To Sign Up?

Registrations are open now on hackathon.maxonrow.com. Participants must register and submit their project on the challenge platform before September 30, 2020. From now till September 30, there will be a series of online events including webinars and tutorials to enrich participants' experience. After all submissions have been reviewed, 20 teams will be selected to attend the Demo Day on October 3, 2020, where they will pitch their solutions to the final jury. The winning team of each track will win €3,000 for a total of €15,000 in prizes.


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