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Naples mafia boss and 'accountant' held in Romania

11 agosto 2017 | 17.01
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Police in northern Romania on Friday arrested a Naples mafia drugs trafficker, Gaetano Manzo, who had been on the run since 2009 and acted as 'accountant' for one of the crime syndicate's prominent clans, investigators said.

Manzo, 66, was held on an international arrest warrant at his villa in the rural town of Fizesu Gherlii by Italian and Romanian officers, said police.

Manzo, who did not resist arrest, had no documents with him, police said. He was working for a gaming company in Romania.

Known as 'Nanuccio the secretary', Manzo is an alleged boss of the Naples mafia or Camorra's Sacco-Bocchetti clan, which has business interests in the northern Italian city of Milan and whose bastion is the Naples suburb of Secondigliano.

​Manzo allegedly ran the Sacco-Bocchetti accounts, "recovered" debts owed to the clan and oversaw its drug trafficking activities. At the time of his arrest, he was the only clan leader still at large, according to police.

Manzo was in 2016 jailed in absentia for 16 years for drugs trafficking

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