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Palermo conference not planned as 'a photo-opportunity' says Conte

12 novembre 2018 | 14.23
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The international conference on Libya that kicks off in Palermo on Monday has not been planned as "a showcase" or a "photo-opportunity" for the Italian government, populist premier Giuseppe Conte told La Stampa newspaper in an interview.

"We don't intend the conference to be a showcase or a photo-opportunity. And the follow-up work to the conference will be even more important to ensure this process (Libya's stabilisation) continues," he said.

"We have prepared this initiative with determination and conviction and will keep on in this spirit," Conte underlined.

International leaders have voiced their interest and support in the Palermo conference and countries will be present at a high level, "starting with Russia and France" he said.

Russian premier Dimiti Medvedev and French foreign minister Yves Le Drian are among ministers who have confirmed their attendence at the Palermo meeting.

"Palermo will bring to the same table principal Libyan players and top figures from Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, Greece and Malta," Conte said.

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