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PHNIX Will Attend Chillventa eSpecial Online Exhibition

09 ottobre 2020 | 10.01
LETTURA: 2 minuti

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Unlike usual at this time last year, PHNIX sales managers were busy flying to all over the world, with prepared exhibits and catalog materials, standing in a PHNIX well-designed booth and showing customers new products and most advanced heat pump technologies. This year, due to the epidemic, more than 500 internationally renowned offline exhibitions around the world have been postponed or even cancelled, including Chillventa, the world's leading trade fair for refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump technology. In order to adapt to changes in the times, Chillventa goes virtual, dated form 13-15, Oct, 2020, with a different name (Chillventa eSpecial). This is a huge change for all the exhibitors who have participated in this exhibition including PHNIX.

Although the exhibition has undergone tremendous changes in form, for PHNIX, who has participated in more than 30 overseas exhibitions in the past ten years. This is more an opportunity than a challenge. Therefore, PHNIX has made sufficient preparations to perfectly display its reliable product quality, industry-leading heat pump technology, dedicated professionalism and considerate customer service. Moreover, PHNIX team will arrange a 24-hour customer online service to ensure zero waiting for online inquiry and questions.

At Chillventa especial virtual exhibition, PHNIX will release the latest developed products and technologies, including the high cost-effective space heating&cooling and hot water heat pumps using full inverter and EVI technology, hydraulic module for easy installation of a household heat pumps system, Inverter all-in-one domestic heat pump water heater & Hitemp smart app control and high temperature commercial heat pump water heater using CO2 refrigerant. In terms of form, PHNIX will vividly display PHNIX's production strength, product features, technical advantages and new product installation methods through a combination of video and pictures. In addition, PHNIX will organize 3 live sessions a day with different themes, each of which will last for 2 hours and totally 9 live sessions in 3 days show.

If you also want to join us at the show, you can find us by hitting the link below and search for "PHNIX" on the homepage. We look forward to sharing our latest products and technologies with you.



As the leading heat pump manufacturer in China, PHNIX is an international enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of heat pumps and energy-saving solutions. Almost 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe, North America, and other overseas markets. To learn more about PHNIX and its products, please visit www.phnix-e.com.

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