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Martedì 28 Marzo 2023
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Tajani hopes Egypt won't become 'the new Tunisia' for migrant departures

15 marzo 2023 | 17.24
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Egypt could become a hotspot for migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe, foreign minister Antonio Tajani warned on Wednesday, saying he hoped it would not become "the new Tunisia".

"On the issue of migration, I hope Egypt doesn't become the new Tunisia," Tajani told SkyTg24.

"Egypt is a key country in the flight against illegal immigration," Tajani underlined.

Italy has asked Egypt's help to stem a growing influx of boat migrants and in battling people traffickers, Tajani said on Tuesday in Cairo, where he held talks with the country's president Abel Fattah al-Sisi, premier Mostafa Madbouly and other ministers.

Italy said in February that over 32,000 people, including 18,000 Tunisians, reached its shores from Tunisia last year.

A total 105,129 migrants landed in Italy in 2022, according to interior ministry figures.

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