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Trenta calls for inclusive peace-process in Libya

25 febbraio 2019 | 18.24
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Libyans alone must end the conflict in their country and determine their own future in an "inclusive" process, Italy's defence minister Elizabetta Trenta said on Monday during a visit to Algeria.

"The peace process in Libya must be inter-Libyan and inclusive. That is the only way to achieve peace," Trenta said.

Italy backs United Nations special envoy Ghassan Salame's plan to unite chaos-hit Libya and oversee an electoral process starting in the Spring, Trenta said.

"We support the UN process and believe that external meddling is harmful," Trenta stated.

"Libyans must be the architects of their own destiny," she underlined.

Trenta was in Algiers for talks with her Algerian counterpart Gaid Salah, who said that "foreign interference" in Libya made the security situation "extremely complex."

"Algeria, like Italy, calls for a political, inclusive solution in Libya that respects its sovereignty," Salah said.

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